Back to the Roots began to take shape in 2011. The main goal of this project is to promote a message of  sustainable, healthy and conscious food habits with which to take care of our body, soul and planet. To treat food as medicine and in a simple way take care of every detail in order to make us feel good from the inside to the outside.

Hei! I am Chloé, a dietitian and a nutritionist graduated in Spain in 2013 collegiate member CAN00108 .

My desire to learn did not end there, so I continued by studying Feminine Nutrition, diet-therapy, digestive disorders, sustainable, vegetarian and vegan food and lots of other related topics.

I became a Fermentista freak and studied Food Fermentation through Harvard University .
I enjoy bringing new recipes and perspectives both personal and work related in to my work from my trips all over the world.
I met Charlotte (the pineapple) on one of my journeys in Reunion Island, since then we have been inseparable.

In 2013 I started my own journey and created Back to the Roots.

BTTR aims to spread a message of healthy, conscious and sustainable food habits through lectures, workshops and private consultations. The goal is to help you achieve a healthier body and mind with food, simple cooking techniques and few other tips, while taking care of the planet that you live in and promoting love and enjoinment with and towards food.
I want you to have fun an enjoy this important process of taking care of what you put on your plate, and that you do it with an open mind, eyes and heart to be able to make your own decisions in a more conscious way

Charlotte’s Story.

Yes, the pineapple has a name and a very beautiful story.
When traveling abroad, I normally go harsh. This means that I might spend one or two days with very little access to food. There for, I started carrying with me some carrots, tomatoes or boiled eggs, but they all would get smashed in my backpack.
One day I bought a pineapple. It has its own shell, so it will be protected and quite hard to get smashed.
It is full of vitamins, fiber and water, perfect for keeping me going for a whole day of adventures! The only problem is that fitting a pineapple in a back pack together with camping gear, shoes and other bunch of stuff… well, was quite uncomfortable, so I started carrying it in my hands. Short after, the pineapple was wearing sunglasses and my summer hat, I thought it was quite fun and as I don’t like being on pictures, the pineapple took my spot and started becoming a true tourist posing in all my pictures. People started stopping me to ask me why I was caring a pineapple like this. This brought me to new meetings and funny encounters and this is how the pineapple became Charlotte, my travel and business buddy.