Conscious Shopping

Have you heard about Personal Shopper? Well, let’s move it to the field of Nutrition.

Do we know what we are eating? Nutritional labeling, organic products, plastic wrap, origin…

A walk through the supermarket helps us to acknowledge the cost of what we eat, how we can help at home by making more conscious choices for our health, the planet and our pocket. Let’s walk together across your favorite supermarket and analyzed what items you are bringing home. This way I will support by sharing with you all the tips needed to make a more thoughtful and healthy shopping completely adjusted to your needs.

Only available if we are in the same city – You can check Upcoming Events or Contact me!
Timing: around 2 hours

Do you want a personalized menu, guidance and support to make the first grocery shopping?

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Interview + Personalized menu + Healthy and conscious shopping for a special price!