Fermentista Series

Did you know that our stomach is our second brain?
Happy belly, happy human!

Fermentista series is composed of 8 workshops through which you will learn to ferment 
all types of foods, improving the bioavailability of the nutrients of your meal.

You will explore the roles that microbes play in your food and you will take care of your microbiota
 while having fun in the kitchen, exploring new recipes and reducing your food waste! 

Fermentista Series includes:


[1] First contact with fermentation.

During this workshop you will learn basic and important tools/concepts about fermentation so you can investigate happily and safely at home. We will prepare lactic, spontaneous, aerobic and anaerobic fermentations, with which you will get a good perspective on all aspects of fermentation, as well as how easy it is to ferment at home with simple tools available to everyone! If you are interested in the following workshops, I recommend you to sign up for this one. It will provide you with the basic and most important keys of the world of fermentation, thus allowing you to deepen easier and more comfortably in the following modules.

[2] Pickled & lactofermented foods.

Do you want to learn more than pickling cucumbers? Take advantage of the last sad carrot hidden at the bottom of your fridge? Do you have extra cauliflower that you no longer want to serve as soup? Wild plants that could have another purpose in life beyond covering your garden? Do you know the difference between fermenting and pickling?

Through this workshop you will learn to prepare pickles and lactofermented foods at home thus taking care of your gut health and enjoying new and tasty recipes.

[3] Kombucha, sodas and probiotic beverages.

Thanks to this workshop and what you have learn throught the previous ones, you can make probiotic and refreshing drinks at home in a super simple way and with ingredients easily available. A walk through the forest will provide you with basic ingredients to create funny and different drinks that will take care of you, your belly, your people and the planet, while enjoying new flavors. 
* Important: to participate in workshop 1 in order to make the most of this workshop.

[4]Yogurt, kefir and other fermented dairy.

Did you know that dietitians recommend dairy consumption in their fermented shape? Through this workshop I want to share with you the basic keys to prepare dairy products at home in a safe and fun way, being able to obtain the best of its nutrients and facilitating your body digestion and absorption.


[5] Seeds, nuts and lactofermented cheese plant based.

Learn to ferment nuts and seeds and prepare delicious vegan cheeses.Lactose and gluten free with all the benefits of normal cheese!     

[6] Cereals and lactofermented legumes.

Cereals and legumes contain many oxalates and other antinutrients that hinder their digestion and absorption in some cases causing digestive discomfort. Learn to ferment them to get the most out of the nutrients from your meal. Do you JUST feed your body? Learn how to nourish it.

[7] Young wines and Wild vinegars.

Learn how to prepare a delicious young wines and vinegars in a simple way. Cheer up your salads with probiotic vinegars that will delight your guests. Would you like to learn how to make your own Roses Champagne? All this, while you take care of your microbiota.

[8] Miso and Tempeh; fermenting with mold.

The last workshop of Fermentista series brings you delicious and unusual recipes. Learn to prepare Miso, Tempeh and other recipes and take your recipes to the next level.