Personalized Menus & Nutrichef

Are you looking for new ideas? New recipes to cheer up your daily meals?
Maybe you want to achieve a certain goal through taking care of your diet but time is not helping?

Let Chloé and Charlotte help you redesign your current menu,
start a fresh shiny new one from scratch or support you in the kitchen!

For BTTR eating healthy was never linked to boring plans or counting calories, if not the opposite.
From our perspective it involves color, new recipes and flavors, changing habits, and a lot of magic in the kitchen. So with this ethics and dynamics we bring you this beautiful project with which we want to help you achieve your goals with an extra support.


     Do you want to eat varied and healthy without being on a diet?
We will design a unique balanced menu for you. No need of follow ups. We will take into account budget allergies, dietary needs and personal goals.

Specialized in: 
-Zero waste,
-Sustainable, conscious eating,
–Slow food.
-Vegeterian/Vegan food

      Would you like to be supported no just on Nutritional level but also in the kitchen?

Thanks to your personalized menu, you will achieve your goals comfortably!
We will cook a variety of recipes together and I will share with you culinary techniques with which to get the most out of the nutrients on your meal, so that you won’t only eat, but also nourish yourself!

Find the most suitable option below!