Private consultations

I will gladly support you with private consultations in order to help guide you towards your personal goals.

If you struggle with belly discomfort, heartburn, heavy digestions, IMO, SIBO or similar digestive issues.
If you want to lose or gain weight.
If you want to take care of your Menstrual cycles and reduce the symptoms of PMS, for example.
If you want to change your life style towards vegetarian or vegan diet
Or if you want me to take a look at what is needed as we get to know each other.


-Toddlers and young children Nutrition
-Vegetarian and Vegan diet
-Feminine nutrition
-Sports nutrition
-Nutritional re-education
-Pregnancy and breastfeeding

-Weight management
-Keto diet
-Intermittent fasting
-Digestive pathologies (IMO, Crohn’s..)
-General pathologies (cholesterol, diabetes, etc)
– Nutritional reeducation

How does it work?

      Initial session   

Includes two consultations:

First consultation:
Interview, setting goals, structure work. This consultation will last for 1 hour. 
After this appointment I will send you your personalized plan so you can start working on it.

Second consultation: 
Together we will go through the menu and we will make the adjustments needed for you to feel comfortable with it.
This consultation will last for 30 minutes.

Follow up sessions  

We will go through your week together to check how you feel and how are the changes that you are experiencing, double check If you feel comfortable with the work that we are doing and with the menu. I will answer your questions and we will make few adjustments for you to be able to reach your goals the best way possible.

New planning  

Slowly you will reach your goals and we will need to adjust the plan to your changes. Also we will adjust it to the current season and different needs that you might have. Step by step


1. Starter package. Includes First and second session and a follow up session

2. Follow up package. Includes 4 follow up sessions, 2 New menus