Learn how to take a step towards a healthy, sustainable and conscious life style thougth cooking and fermentista workshops as well as lecture about many food related topics.

Lecture microbiota for students in Norway

Schools & Educational Centers

A healthy adult was once a well-informed child.
Understanding how food can impact our emotions, immune system, our health and physical development, is essential to take care of our health during the growth stages.
Lectures, workshops and school menus design.

Private Consultations

Online and Face to Face. 
If you struggle with your digestions, belly discomfort, SIBO/IMO, PMS, or you wanna improve your health taking care of your diet I will gladly support you through private and personal consultations in order to guide you towards your personal goals.

Conscious Shopping

Do we know what we are eating? Nutritional labeling, organic products, plastic wrap, origin. Let me support you on your grocery shopping  with a walk through the supermarket helps us to acknowledge the reality behind the food we buy and its nutritional labeling to make better and more conscious choices.

Personalized Menus & NutriChef

Looking for a personalized and balanced menu for your family or your company?

Maybe you want new ideas and recipes? Or need some extra support to follow up your new nutritional planning?

Check out this super special service!


Get the best out of the nutrients of your meal, take care of your microbiota and have fun in the kitchen, exploring new recipes and reducing your food waste!