Technical data for menus

From Back to the Roots, we want to support you, whether it is a school or another center, by providing you with a varied, balanced and seasonal menu, adjusted to the established criteria.

The NutriChef pack for community menus contains*:

– Weekly/monthly/quarterly or yearly Technical Menu. (Balanced, Local and organic products, nutritional values, etc.)**
– Allergen menu. **
– Suggestions for dinners**
– Complete technical sheets (Allergens, ingredients, quantities, nutritional values, cooking method, etc.) **
– Visual menu for students/diners (without nutritional information)**

*You can modify this pack according to your preferences and needs

**From 2021 to 2025, the protocol of minimum criteria for the evaluation of the food offer in schools will be applied, both in the menu, as well as in the cafeteria and vending machine offer.

Contact us if you have any questions or so we can give you an adjusted budget.